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Profile picture of Nathan. T. Dean
I am a writer of various genres. I adore playing with words and then applying such experimentation to scripts and, therefore the camera work of such films; the term auteur inspires me greatly, to put ...
Director / Writer - Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Aidan Brooks
I am currently at the Northern Film School which is part of Leeds Metropolitan University. I have a passion for film making and I am keen to gather experience. I am most interested in Editing, but i a...
Film School / University - Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Neda Morfova
Neda Morfrova wqas born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has studied in Bulgaria, Russia, United States and Great Britain. At the moment she is a last year Film Directing student at the Edinburgh College of Ar...
Director / Writer - London, England, United Kingdom
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An official remix of Willow Smith's smash hit single, "Whip my hair". I was given the project of remixing the original video to fit the new audio mix, which was a completely different ...
Made 2011 - Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
Image of film tape
A music video for the band Sirens at dawn
Made 2009 - London, England, United Kingdom
Image of film tape
A short made for my course based on the guidelines that it had to have only one character, no dialogue, no visible threat and be called The Door
Made 2010 - Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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