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Profile picture of Georgina Nadin
I am a third year Media Production student and I'm about to graduate from the University of Lincoln. I have been taking single camera each year and making short films in my spare time for fun and...
Film Editor / Camera Operator - Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Francois Fabre
Born in France, lived around Europe and the world including Turkey, Venezuela, Denmark, The Kingdom of Bahrain and Scotland
University / Film School - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Callum MacGregor
I am a 2nd Year Film and Television Studies student at the University of Lincoln, and I am very much interested in camera operating and the artistic direction of films.
Camera Operator / Art Director - Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
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A short film made for the press office at Olympia London International Horse Show 2010. The video is used to promote the event on the event website and was shown at this year's Olympia.
Made 2010 - London, England, United Kingdom
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BA (Hons) Short film. The struggle of a young man dealing with the loss of his girlfriend. Did she die, or simply move away to new relationships? An implicit 5 minute short of how you can be haunte...
Made 2010 - Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
Image of film tape
A short made for my course based on the guidelines that it had to have only one character, no dialogue, no visible threat and be called The Door
Made 2010 - Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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