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Profile picture of Georgina Nadin
I am a third year Media Production student and I'm about to graduate from the University of Lincoln. I have been taking single camera each year and making short films in my spare time for fun and...
Film Editor / Camera Operator - Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of Tom Bown
Third year Media Production student at the University of Lincoln. Obsessed with both world cinema and American single-camera sitcoms. A video I made with my cats in went semi-viral once, which was nic...
Writer / University - Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
Profile picture of AJ Harries
I am an ambitious young film maker. I seem to be always working against the grain and, thankfully, most of the time pull it off. I am currently a student at Bournemouth University and am using my educ...
Director / Actor - Bath, England, United Kingdom

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