Nathan. T. Dean

Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
Primary Skills
Director / Writer
Secondary Skills
About Me
I am a writer of various genres. I adore playing with words and then applying such experimentation to scripts and, therefore the camera work of such films; the term auteur inspires me greatly, to put it simply.
I have already worked on one documentary focussing on merging genres of music under the name of Cocktail Sausage Productions/The Storm Chasers and I am part way through the pre-production phase of one of my ready-scripted short films under the Badgehat banner.
Outside of media I have been trained at a secondary school level in basic peer-to-peer counselling and have once volunteered in an Oxfam bookshop working with one of my favourite media: Books.
Anything else you need to know, well, I can't think of anything for here, so contact me?
1) Documentary - All Walks of Life and Music - - also created directors commentary, subject interviews, radio advert and print advert for this project for A-Level Media
2) Various Scripts part written or not yet under pre-productive enhancement
3) Short Film - Loves Shadow - my first short film project for The University of Lincoln - (link unavailable at present)
4) Short Film - Why is Love Always Pink (I only remember it at red) - an extracurricular short film under the production company banner Badgehat in the pre-production stages
5) Vlogging and Youtube Work - I have helped develop and act on various youtube projects for both The Mynnde and Propah Job Studios
I'm looking for...
At the highest level I wish to be an auteur, or a director at least, so I can transfer my imagination into a visual form; it is a cliché dream, but I am happy with it nonetheless. Below that a writer or part of a writing team, to develop my writing skills under a brief or imaginative boundaries. Below that, to merely begin at the bottom and work up to fully understand each element of the industry: from coffee-bringer, runner, lighting etc. I merely wish to delve straight to the heart of the industry so I can get first hand experience; you can only learn so much from text books and theory.
So far, unemployed in media circles, all work is extracurricular or self-developed
A-Levels - English, Biology, Media
AS-Levels - Psychology, Drama
BA (Hons) Media Production - first year
Various Awards from my Secondary School for Drama and Media expertise.
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