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Any information collected on or any sub-site, will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed in ways that you have not consented to.


Cookies are files that web servers place on an Internet user's computer that are designed to store information specific to that user. The use of cookies is required to use the login/membership functionality of this website.

IP Address and Host

Details of your IP address and Host are stored and used for spam protection purposes.

User information

Working In Film does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected on this site. Working In Film reserves the right to trade, lease, sell, rent loan to third parties, or reuse any general information which members have entered into the website (user generated content) including events and jobs created by its users.

Profile page

When you become a member of you profile page will become public and contain information including your name, associated location, and information you enter about yourself. Users will also be able to download an electronic business card that contains your name and a link to your profile.

Changes to this privacy policy

Working In Film may amend this policy from time to time. If any substantial changes are made to in the way Working In Film use your personal information we will notify you by updating the website or by email.

Working In Film is registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and it operates in accordance with the Act.

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